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Aeneid Book I Vocab

All starred vocab form Aeneid book I

adfari to address, speak to
aequare to equal
aequor sea, surgace
aestus sea surge, foam, wave
aether (upper) air
agmen (battle) formation
altum the sea/the deep
antrum cave
arcere keep away
aura breeze
caterva crowd
celsus high, lofty
compages hinges, joints
contra opposite, in reply
conubium marriage
corripere seize, snatch
creber frequent, crowded
custos guard, custodian
dare + infin to give the chance to
demittere send down, cast down
desuper from above
dolus guile, reachery
excutere to shake out/off
exercere to train/exercise
fari, fatum to speak
fas (divinely) right
fidus faithful
fremere tremble, shake
fundamentum foundation
furere to rage
fore = futurum esse will be
genitor father
gurges, gurgites gulf, whirlpool
haerere stick / adhere
harena sand
immanis huge
incedere walk (in), enter
incumbere to lie on, brood over
instare to press on, encourage
iubum yoke, ridge
iuvare to be pleasing
latere to hide, be in hiding
linquere leave behind
lustrare survey, look over
maestus sad, gloomy
metus fear
moles mass
mulcere to soothe, soften
nemus grove, forest
numen divine will, divine spirit
obstipescere-stipui to stand agape
opes wealth, resources
pleagus (N) sea
penitus deep within, completely
pietas sense of duty to family, country, and gods
placidus peaceful, calm
pontus sea
potiri to gain possession of + abl
progenies offspring, descendants
proles child, offspring
quippe indeed, certainly
quondam once (upon a time or in the future)
ratis boat
ruere to rush to ruin
rupis crag, cliff
septus-a-um hedged in, surrounded
sceptrum scepter of power
scopulus rock, cliff, crag
sidus, sidera star
sinus bay, fold, lap
sonare to (re)sound
sors/sorte fate, lot
spuma/spumare foam/to foam, spume
statuere establish, set up
sternere strew, lay low
stipare to pack, stuff
stridor screech
subducere to lead down, beach (ships)
subire to go up from under
superi gods above
supplex suppliant, one who begs
syrtis sandbar
temperare to temper, calm
tendere to stretch, struggle
torquere to twist
tueri to watch, look at, guard
turboturbines whirlwind
vastus vast
vertex top, summit
volvere to roll, turn
vulgus common rabble.
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