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stuff about EPOC for the AQA PE june 2014 exam

What does EPOC stand for? Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption
What are the two compnents Fast component and Slow component
What is the fast component? oxygen used for rapid resynthesis of phosphocreatine and resaturation of myoglobin
What is the slow component? oxygen used to remove lactic acid and maintain high heart rate, breathing rate and body temperature
What causes EPOC of the same performer to vary? Intensity and Duration
What are the functions of the fast component? Restoration of ATP Resaturation of myglobin with oxygen
How are functions of slow component achieved? Removal of lactic acid by oxidation in other organs/ Conversion to pyruvate acid used as energy source to water and CO2
What is steady state? The period of exercise when oxygen consumption matches the energy being used
What is aerobic capacity? the maximum rate at which a person can consume oxygen
What are the functions of the slow component? Removal of lactate/ supply breathing muscles/ supply heart heart muscles