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Vocab Jam

avid adj. Having a strong desire for, to the point of greed Eager, enthusiastic
brusque adj. Abrupt in manner pr speech, gruff
brusqueness n. The quality or state of being brusque.
concise adj. Short and to the point
demean v. To cause a lowering of self-esteem, to lower in reputation or character
demeaning adj. Degrading
despicable adj. Deserving contempt or scorn
emulate v. To try equal, to imitate
evoke v. To call forth, to produce To bring to mind, often by suggestion
evokative adj. Creating something again, especially through the imagination
excruciating adj. Very painful
inaugurate v. To install in office with a formal ceremony To begin officially or mark the opening of
inauguration n. The act of installing in office
pervade v. To spend throughout
pervasive adj. Spreading throughout
proprietor n. An owner of a store or other business
pseudonym n. A fictitious name used by an author, a pen name
rebuff v. To reject bluntly To drive back n. A blunt rejection An abrupt setback in progress
resilient adj. Capable of recovering quickly from misfortune
resilience n. The ability to recover The ability to spring back
turbulent adj. Chaotic, unruly Stormy, tempestuous
turbulence n. Great disturbance or agitation Rapid changes in wind speed and direction in the atmosphere
Created by: ginny0523