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Book: Modern Dental Assisting - vocab - Legal Issues, Quality Assurance

Artifact A blemish or unintended radiographic image that is not present in the actual structure
Disclosure Process of informing the patient about a procedure -- for example, the procedure for taking x-rays
Image receptor Recording medium for an image -- a digital sensor, a phosphor storage plate (PSP), or conventional dental x-ray film
Informed consent Permission granted by a patient after being informed about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a procedure.
Liable Accoutnable or legally responsible
Phosphor sotrage plate (PSP) Resuable fulm-sized flexible plate coated with phosphor as the image receptor
Positioning Device Instrument used to hold the film, phosphor storage (PSP), or digital sensor in teh proper position during exposure. Also commonly known as a "film-holder"
Quality assurance (QA) A plan to ensure that the dental office produces consistent, high-quality images with a minimum of exposure to patients and personnel.
Quality control tests Specific tests used to ensure quality in dental x-ray equipment, supplise, and film processing
Sweptwedge Device constructed of layered aluminum steps to demonstrate fulm densitites and contrasts
View box An illuminated boxlike device used to view radiographs
Created by: KiwiMangos