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Verbs 901-1006

French verbs 901-1006

Defintion Term
to encircle with cercler de
to surround, define cerner
to certify certifier
to grieve, to distress chagriner
to create an uproar chahuter
to chain chaîner
to stagger chanceler
to sing to oneself chantonner
to pilfer, swipe chaparder
to chaperon chaperonner
to charm charmer
to punish châtier
to tickle chatouiller
to glisten, glimmer chatoyer
to warm up, heat up chauffer
to warm oneself up se chauffer
to put on shoes chausser
to capsize chavirer
to walk along cheminer
to straddle, ride chevaucher
to bawl chialer
to haggle, quibble chicaner
to crumple chiffonner
to number chiffrer
to steal chiper
to fall choir
to catch, snatch, steal choper
to chloroform chloroformer
to be unemployed chômer
to shock choquer
to pamper choyer
to time chronométrer
to fall, flop chuter
to target cibler
to cement cimenter
to arch, curve cintrer
to circumscribe, delimit, set limits circonscrire
to circumvent circonvenir
to circulate circuler
to wax cirer
to chisel, engrave ciseler
to quote citer
to civilize civiliser
to proclaim, clamor clamer
to click (one's tongue) clapper (de la langue)
to bang, click (one's tongue) claquer
to clarify clarifier
to classify classer, classifier
to chat (Internet) clavarder
to blink cligner
to blink, flash, twinkle clignoter
to air condition climatiser
to click cliquer
to be wrong clocher
to partition cloisonner
to clone cloner
to nail, tack down clouer
to check off cocher
to code coder
to codify codifier
to coexist coexister
to cogitate, ponder cogiter
to hit cogner
to do someone's hair coiffer qqn
to do one's own hair se coiffer
to jam, corner coincer
to collaborate collaborer
to collate collationner
to collect collectionner
to stick to coller à
to grab by the collar colleter
to plug up colmater
to colonize, settle coloniser
to color colorer
to color (in) colorier
to peddle colporter
to combine combiner
to fill up with combler de
to finance commanditer
to commemorate commémorer
to trade with commercer avec
to commercialize commercialiser
to commute (legal term) commuer
to receive communion communier
to communicate communiquer
to commute (mathematics) commuter
to appear before court comparaître
to sympathize compatir
to compensate, make up for compenser
to compile compiler
to try to please complaire à
to complete compléter
to compliment complimenter
to complicate compliquer
to plot comploter
to behave se comporter
to comprise comporter
to compose, dial (a number) composer
to punch, (a ticket) composter
to compromise compromettre
to consult compulser
to crush concasser
to concede concéder
to concentrate (oneself) on se concentrer sur
to concentrate on concentrer sur
to reconcile concilier
to concoct concocter
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