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Verbs 801-900

French verbs 801-900

to improve bonifier
to border border
to limit borner
to work hard bosser
to block up boucher
to buckle boucler
to sulk bouder
to gobble up bouffer
to grumble bougonner
to bubble bouillonner
to roll bouler
to overwhelm bouleverser
to read bouquiner
to buzz bourdonner
to bud bourgeonner
to stuff bourrer
to bloat, puff up boursoufler
to shove, bump bousculer
to ruin bousiller
to drive away bouter
to button boutonner
to box boxer
to boycott boycotter
to bawl, cry brailler
to brandish brandir
to shake branler
to aim, point braquer
to brew, stir brasser
to defy braver
to mumble bredouiller
to tinker, fix bricoler
to bridle, restrain brider
to shine briller
to bully brimer
to scrub briquer
to break, smash briser
to stitch, staple brocher
to embroider broder
to bronze, tan bronzer
to blur, mix up brouiller
to graze brouter
to crush, grind broyer
to drizzle bruiner
to brown brunir
to rush, hasten brusquer
to brutalize, bully brutaliser
to study hard, cut down trees (can.) bûcher
to engrave burinier
to trip buter
to dent cabosser
to rear up cabrer
to seal cacheter
to correspond (with) cadrer
to get mixed up cafouiller
to jolt cahoter
to cajole, coax cajoler
to calcify calcifier
to char calciner
to calculate calculer
to stall, wedge caler
to calibrate calibrer
to cuddle câliner
to calm calmer
to calm down se calmer
to slander, libel calomnier
to arch cambrer
to break into, burglarize cambrioler
to camouflage camoufler
to camp camper
to channel, funnel canaliser
to canonize canoniser
to shell (military) canonner
to go boating, rowing canoter
to station, billet cantonner
to rubberize caoutchouter
to capitalize capitaliser
to turn over, collapse, go crazy (can.) capoter
to capitulate, surrender capituler
to captivate captiver
to capture capturer
to cackle, gossip caqueter
to characterize caractériser
to carbonize, burn up carboniser
to caress caresser
to caricature caricaturer
to ring carillonner
to celebrate at a carnival (can.) carnavaler
to tile carreler
to fit (something) in caser
to castrate castrer
to catalog cataloguer
to catechize catéchiser
to guarantee cautionner
to censor caviarder
to encircle with ceindre de
to celebrate célébrer
to conceal celer
to censure censurer
to centralize centraliser
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