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USIDMS Thyroid

what are the hormones produced in the thyroid? T3, T4, calcitonin, TSH
what is a simple non-toxic goiter? diffuse enlargement, not from tumor or inflammation, but gland malfunction
what is a toxic multi nodular goiter? hyperplasia of gland, chronic progression of non toxic
what is toxic multi nodular also known as? adenomatous hyperplasia
what is Grave's Disease? hyperthyroidism
what is DeQervain's thyroiditis? acute hyperthyroidism, acute viral infection
what is Hashimoto's thyroiditis? hypothyroidism, chronic inflammation
how do DeQervain's and Hashimoto's thyroiditis appear on US? diffusely enlarged gland
what is thyroid adenoma encapsulated by? fibrous tissue
What is the most common thyroid malignancy? Papillary Cancer
who is more likely to get papillary cancer? females and children
how does follicular cancer spread? through blood and faster than papillary
how does follicular cancer appear on US? nodule with irregular border
where is lymphoma normally spread from? non Hodgkins to thyroid
what is lymphoma? large, solid rapid growing neck mass
how might thyroid adenoma appear on US? may show increased color flow
what is the function of the thyroid? maintains metabolism, growth, and development
what is a goiter? any enlargement: entire gland, single or multiple nodules
how might a goiter on the thyroid appear on US? diffuse, symmetric, irregular, nodular, heterogeneous to normal tissue
what are 3 signs of Grave's Disease? toxic goiter, proptosis, skin changes (thickening)
Created by: bnlane