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Verbs 201-300

French verbs 201-300

to marry, to wed épouser
to try, to test, to put to the test, to feel, to experience éprouver
to hope espérer
to try essayer
to wipe essuyer
to establish, to set up, to draw up établir
to extinguish, to shut down (computer), to turn off éteindre
to stretch oneself, to stretch out, to lie down s'étendre
to amaze, to astonish, to stun, to surprise étonner
to daze, to stun, to make dizzy, to deafen, to bewilder étourdir
to be être
to study étudier
to evaluate, to appraise, to assess, to estimate évaluer
to faint, to lose consciousness, to swoon, to vanish s'évanouir
to avoid éviter
to excuse excuser
to excuse oneself, to apologize s'excuser
to demand, to require exiger
to explain expliquer
to express exprimer
to become angry, to get angry se fâcher
to fail, to almost (do something) faillir
to do, to make faire
to feign, to make believe, to pretend, to simulate feindre
to congratulate féliter
to split, to crack, to cleave fendre
to close fermer
to depend on, to rely on, to trust in se fier
to finish finir
to found, to establish, to lay the foundation fonder
to melt, to dissolve, to mix colors fondre
to force forcer
to dig deeply, to excavate, to go deep into, to search fouiller
to furnish, to supply fournir
to knock, to hit, to frap, to rap, to strike (hit) frapper
to shudder, to quiver, to tremble frémir
to flee, to fly off, to shun, to leak fuir
to smoke, to steam fumer
to win, to earn, to gain gagner
to guard, to keep, to retain garder
to spoil, to damage gâter
to freeze geler
to bother, to hamper, to constrict, to embarass, to hinder, to impede, to inconvenience gêner
to taste, to have a snack, to enjoy goûter
to grow (up, taller), to increase grandir
to grate, to scrape, to scratch gratter
to climb grimper
to chide, to reprimand, to scold gronder
to cure, to heal, to remedy, to recover guérir
to get dressed, to dress (oneself) s'habiller
to live (in), to dwell (in), to inhabit habiter
to hate haïr
to hesitate hésiter
to impose imposer
to include, to enclose inclure
to indicate, to point out, to show indiquer
to find out, to inquire, to make inquiries, to inform oneself s'informer
to worry, to be upset s'inquiéter
to insist insister
to instruct instruire
to forbid, to prohibit interdire
to be interested in s'intéresser
to interrogate, to question interroger
to interrupt interrompre
to introduce, to show in introduire
to invite inviter
to throw, to cast jeter
to join joindre
to play, to act (in a play), to gamble jouer
to enjoy jouir
to judge, to deem juger
to swear, to vow jurer
to loosen, to unleash, to let go lâcher
to let, to allow, to leave laisser
to hurl, to launch, to throw lancer
to wash laver
to wash oneself se laver
to lift, to raise lever
to get up se lever
to read lire
to praise, to rent, to rent out louer
to reduce (one's weight), to grow thin, to lose weight maigrir
to eat manger
to miss, to lack manquer
to walk, to march, to run (machine), to function marcher
to curse maudire
to misjudge, to misunderstand, not to know, not to recognize méconnaître
to slander médire
to beware, to distrust, to mistrust se méfier
to lead, to control mener
to lie, to tell a lie mentir
to be mistaken, to mistake se méprendre
to merit, to deserve mériter
to put, to place, to put on (clothing) (in a general sense) mettre
to begin, to start, to place oneself se mettre
to mirror mirer
to model, to shape modeler
to go up, to ascend, to take up, to bring up, to mount monter
to show, to display, to exhibit, to point out montrer
to make fun se moquer
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