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Verbs 301-400

French verbs 301-400

to bite mordre
to grind, to mill moudre
to die mourir
to move mouvoir
to swim nager
to be born naître
to navigate, to sail; to browse, to surf (internet) naviguer
to clean nettoyer
to deny nier
to name, to appoint nommer
to feed, to nourish nourrir
to drown se noyer
to harm, to hinder nuire
to obey obéir
to oblige obliger
to obtain, to get obtenir
to occupy occuper
to be busy, to keep oneself busy s'occuper
to offer offrir
to omit ommettre
to dare oser
to forget oublier
to open ouvrir
to appear, to seem paraître
to pardon, to forgive pardonner
to talk, to speak parler
to leave, to depart partir
to pass, to spend (time) passer
to skate patiner
to pay (for) payer
to sin, to commit a sin pécher
to fish pêcher
to comb one's hair se peigner
to paint, to portray peindre
to hang, to suspend pendre
to think penser
to lose perdre
to perish, to die périr
to permit, to allow, to let permettre
to persuade, to convince, to induce persuader
to weigh peser
to place, to put placer
to pity plaindre
to complain, to lament, to moan se plaindre
to please plaire
to joke plaisanter
to cry, to weep, to mourn pleurer
to fold, to bend plier
to wear, to carry porter
to lay, to place, to put, to set, to pose poser
to possess, to own, to master posséder
to pursue, to prosecute poursuivre
to push, to grow pousser
to be able, can pouvoir
to predict, to foretell prédire
to prefer préférer
to take prendre
to prepare préparer
to present, to introduce présenter
to press, to squeeze presser
to be in a hurry, to make haste, to rush, to crowd se presser
to pretend, to claim, to lay claim, to maintain prétendre
to lend prêter
to warn, to forestall, to ward off prévenir
to foresee prévoir
to pray, to supplicate, to entreat, to beg, to request prier
to produce produire
to program, to plan programmer
to take a walk se promener
to promise promettre
to pronounce, to declare prononcer
to prove prouver
to punish punir
to leave quitter
to relate, to tell about, to tell (a story) raconter
to set (put) in order, to tidy up ranger
to call again, to call back, to recall, to remind rappeler
to remember, recall, to recollect se rappeler
to receive, to get recevoir
to recognize, to acknowledge reconnaître
to collect, to gather, to harvest recueillir
to reduce, to decrease, to diminish réduire
to think, to meditate, to reflect, to ponder réfléchir
to refuse, to withhold refuser
to look (at), to watch regarder
to regret, to miss regretter
to read again, to reread relire
to remark, to notice, to observe, to distinguish remarquer
to thank remercier
to put (on) again, to replace, to put back, to give back, to postpone remettre
to replace remplacer
to fill, to fulfill, to fill in, to fill out remplir
to meet, to encounter rencontrer
to give back, to return (something), to render, to vomit rendre
to return rentrer
to spread, to scatter, to spill répandre
to reappear, to appear again reparaître
to repair réparer
to iron, to pass again, to pass by again repasser
to repeat, to rehearse répéter
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