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Verbs 101-200

French verbs 101-200

to compare comparer
to understand, to include comprendre
to count, to intend, to expect to compter
to conceive concevoir
to conclude conclure
to drive, lead, conduct conduire
to know, be familiar with connaître
to conquer conquérir
to advise, to counsel, to recommend conseiller
to consent, to agree consentir
to construct, to build construire
to contain contenir
to relate, to narrate conter
to continue continuer
to constrain, to restrain, to compel contraindre
to contradict contredire
to convince convaincre
to suit, to be suitable, to be appropriate, to agree, to acknowledge convenir
to correct corriger
to corrupt corrompre
to put to bed, to lay, to flatten coucher
to sew, to stitch coudre
to cut, to switch off couper
to run, to race courir
to cover couvrir
to fear, to be afraid craindre
to create créer
to shout, to cry out crier
to believe croire
to grow, increase croître
to gather, to pick cueillir
to cook cuire
to dance danser
to manage, to improvise, to get by se débrouiller
to deceive, to disappoint décevoir
to rip, to tear, to rend déchirer
to decide décider
to discover, uncover découvrir
to describe décrire
to decrease, to diminish décroître
to deduce, to infer, to deduct déduire
to undo, to untie défaire
to defend, to forbid, to prohibit défendre
to free, to clear (out), to remove, to give off, to emit dégager
to lunch, to have lunch, breakfast déjeuner
to ask (for), to request demander
to reside, to live, to remain, to stay demeurer
to demolish démolir
to pass, to go past, to go beyond, to exceed dépasser
to hurry, to hasten se dépêcher
to depict, to describe, to portray dépeindre
to depend (on), to be dependent (on), to take down (something that is hanging) dépendre
to spend (money) dépenser
to displease déplaire
to disturb, to derrange déranger
to go down, to descend, to take down, to bring down descendre
to desire désirer
to draw, to sketch dessiner
to detest, to dislike, to hate détester
to turn aside, to turn away, to divert détourner
to destroy détruire
to develop, to spread out développer
to become devenir
to have to, must, ought, owe, should devoir
to diminish, to decrease, to lessen diminuer
to dine, to have dinner dîner
to say, to tell dire
to discuss, to argue discuter
disappear disparaître
to give donner
to sleep dormir
to doubt douter
to escape, to avoid échapper
to fail, to run aground échouer
to listen écouter
to write écrire
to frighten effrayer
to amuse, to cheer up, to enliven, to entertain égayer
to raise, to rear, to bring up élever
to elect, to choose élire
to move away, to go away, to withdraw, to step back, to keep back, to keep away s'éloigner
to kiss, to embrace embrasser
to lead, to lead away, to take away (persons) emmener
to move, to touch, to excite, to arouse émouvoir
to hinder, to prevent empêcher
to use employer
to borrow emprunter
to encourage encourager
to run away, to slip away, to escape, to flee, to fly away s'enfuir
to remove, take enlever
to bore ennuyer
to be bored s'ennuyer
to teach enseigner
to hear entendre
to bury enterrer
to undertake, to engage upon entreprendre
to enter, to come in, to go in entrer
to fly off, to fly away, to take flight, to take wing (birds), to take off (airplane) s'envoler
to send envoyer
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