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Verbs 502-600

French verbs 502-600

to abandon abandonner
to abdicate abdiquer
to abhor, loathe abhorrer
to damage, spoil abîmer
to abjure, renounce abjurer
to abominate, loathe abominer
to abound in, be plentiful abonder en
to subscribe to s'abonner à
to subscribe for someone to abonner à
to accost, approach aborder
to join tip to tip, end to end abouter
to succeed, end up in aboutir à/dans
to bark aboyer
to abrade abraser
to shorten, abridge abréger
to water (animals) abreuver
to shelter from abriter de/contre
to take shelter (from) s'abriter de
to exhaust abrutir
to absent oneself from s'absenter de
to absorb absorber
to abstract, isolate abstraire
to abuse, misuse abuser de qqch
to overwhelm accabler
to capture, monopolize accaparer
to get to, attain accéder à
to accelerate accélérer
to accentuate, stress accentuer
to accessorize accessoiriser
to damage, injure accidenter
to acclimate acclimater
to accommodate accommoder
to accomplish accomplir
to accost accoster
to give birth to accoucher de
to lean one's elbow on s'accouder sur
to couple accoupler
to get used to accoutumer
to accredit accréditer
to hang on, collide s'accrocher
to squat, crouch s'accroupir
to corner somebody acculer
to acculturate acculturer
to accumulate accumuler
to accuse oneself s'accuser
to dog someone s'acharner contre qqn
to direct towards acheminer
to agree, approve acquiescer
to acquit, release (from) acquitter (de)
to pay off (duty), settle (debt) s'acquitter de
to activate actionner
to speed up, pep up activer
to bring up to date actualiser
to fit, adapt to adapter à
to add up additionner
to join, be a member adhérer
to adhere to adhérer à
to associate adjoindre à
to award adjuger
to implore, beg adjurer
to administer administrer
to admonish admonester
to adopt adopter
to lean against adosser
to soften, sweeten adoucir
to speak to someone, address someone s'addresser à qqn
to adulate, flatter aduler
to happen, occur, come to pass advenir
to air, aerate aérer
to make (something) dull affadir
to weaken affaiblir
to collapse, sink s'affaisser
to starve affamer
to pretend to affecter de
to have a liking for affectionner
to lease, rent affermer
to strengthen affermir
to display afficher
to affiliate to s'affilier à
to affirm affirmer
to afflict with affliger de
to abound affluer
to panic s'affoler
to set free; to stamp (frank) affranchir
to charter (boat, plane) affréter
to confront affronter
to don (clothing) affubler
to hone, sharpen affûter
to arrange, combine agencer
to kneel s'agenouiller
to agglutinate, stick together agglutiner
to aggravate, make worse aggraver
to wag, wave, shake agiter
to staple, fasten agrafer
to enlarge agrandir
to accept agréer
to embellish with agrémenter de
to attack agresser
to grab, grip agripper
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