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EJ Study

A Shares Mutual fund shares which charge an up-front commission deducted from the initial investment
After Tax Yield The yield on an investment after taking into account the tax consequences incurred by either the capital gain or ordinary income
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) An alternative tax which includes certain tax preference items that are added back into adjusted gross income. If higher than the regular tax, then the regular tax plus the amount by which AMT exceeds the regular tax is paid.
American Depository Receipt (ADR) A receipt for shares bought in the U.S. of a foreign-based corporation in an overseas market. The receipt is held by a U.S. bank, but shareholders are entitled to any dividends and capital gains.
Annuity A tax-deferred retirement savings vehicle that is issued as a contract between an individual and an insurance company. An annuity provides a variety of income options, including a payment one cannot outlive. May be fixed, immediate or variable.
B Shares Mutual fund shares which have no up front sales charge deducted from the initial investment. They are commonly called "back-end loads" because they have a declining sales charge which is charged when shares are sold.
Back-end Load Mutual funds which do not have an upfront sales charge. Commissions are paid through higher annual expenses and through assessment of a contingent deferred sales charge
Balance Sheet A statement showing the financial condition of a company at any given point. It includes assets, liabilities and net worth. Assets always equal, or balance, liabilities plus net worth.
Bear Market A sharp, prolonged decline in the price of stocks, usually brought on by a slowing economy. Because a bear fights by slapping downward, this term is associated with a falling market.
Beneficiary An entity (either a person or an institution) named by the investor to inherit their estate or part of their estate after death.
Beta The measure of a stock's volatility relative to the stock market.
Blue Chip Stock Shares of generally large companies that have a history of strong earnings growth and dividend payments.
Bond A certificate representing creditorship; the issuer pays interest on specific dates and redeems by paying the principal at maturity.
Bond Insurance Insurance purchased by the issuer of a bond from an independent insurance company guaranteeing timely payment of interest and principal.
Bond Ratings Ratings that evaluate the possibility of default by a bond issuer.
Bull Market A sharp, prolonged rise in the price of stocks, usually lasting several months. Because a bull attacks by thrusting upward, this term is associated with a rising market.
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