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tulad like, the same, similar to
tapon waste material, outcast (n.)
magtapon to throw away (v.)
pagtatapon the act of throwing or dumping
tapunan garbage dump
tigil n. stop
tumigil v. to stop
itigil, tigilan v. to stop
patigilin v. to make stop
ilog river
isip n. mind, intellect
malinaw ang kanyang isip clear his mind
isipin to think ponder, contemplate
diwata fairy
lahat all
kaaway enemy
tandaan v- to remember, keep in mind
basura n. waste, garbage
ibasura v- to throw away
dumi dirt, waste, garbage
tahanan home
mahal ko ang tahanan ko i love my home
kalikasan nature
kapaligiran environment
paligid environment, surroundings
langit sky, heaven
kalangitan the heavens, the skies
kalawakan vastness, outer space
lupa earth, soil
mundo world
daigdig world
dagat sea
karagatan ocean
bundok mountain
kabundukan mountain range
bulubundukin mountainous landscape
mataas high, tall
ilog river
tubig water
bato rock
mabato rocky
kapatagan plains
patag flat, even
palay rice
palayan rice field
bukid field, farm
ulap cloud
lawa lake
bulkan volcano
talon waterfall
gubat, kagubatan forest
ibon bird
hayop animal
damo weed, grass
halaman plant
puno tree
kahoy wood, tree, lumber
kuweba, yungib cave
isda fish
walang pakialam I don't care
utang na loob inside debt, debt of gratitude
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