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Magtrabaho ka para mabuhay ka Work so that you will live
Maligo ka para mabuhay ang iba Clean yourself so that others may live
Makita to see
Makakita to see, to happen to see
Nakita ko ang bata I saw the child
Nakakita ako ng bata I saw the child (focus on actor, happened to see the child)
Tumingin to look
tumingin ako sa kaliwa I looked to the left
tingin n. look, sight
paningin sense of sight
tingnan to look at something
tingnan ko ang babae I looked at the woman
matingnan to happen to see
Natingnan ko ang bahay I happened to see the house
amoy n. smell, odor
pang-amoy n. sense of smell
maamoy adj. smelly
amuyin to smell something
inamoy ko ang bulaklak I smelled the flower (obj. focus)
umamoy to give off a scent
umaamoy ang basura the garbage smells
maamoy to smell, to happen to smell
naamoy ko ang pabango I smell the scent
tikim v. to taste, to sample food
tumikim to taste, to sample food
tumikim ako ng pansit I tasted some pansit
tikman (tikim+an) to taste something
tinikman ko ang pansit i tasted the pansit (obj. focus)
makatikim to be able to taste, to experience
nakatikim ako ng lechon I was able to try some lechon
Lasa n. taste, flavor
paplasa n. sense of taste
malasa adj. tasty
walang lasa adj. tasteless, bland
lasahan to taste (something)
nilasahan ko ang sinigang I tasted the sinigang
lumasa to acquire flavor
lumasa ang sinigang dahil sa asin the sinigang tasted because of the salt.
dama ad. felt, perceptible
pandama sense of touch
damahin (damhin) to touch, to feel, to understand, to experience
damhin mo ang hangin you feel the wind
madama to feel, experience
nadama ko ang inti I felt the heat
dinig adj. audible
pandinig sense of hearing
dinggin to listen (to something)
dinggin mo ang kanta you hear the song
pakinggan to listen (to something)
pakinggan mo ang kanta Listen to the song
marinig to hear
narinig ko ang kanta I heard the song
makinig to listen
makinig ka sa kanta you listened to the song
Kita (root), makita (inf), nakita (compl), nakikita (inc) makikita (cont) conjugate "to see"
kita (root), makakita (inf), nakakita (compl), nakakakita (inc), makakakita (cont) conjugate "to happen to see"
tinging (root), tumingin (inf), tumingin (compl), tumitingin (inc), titingin (cont) conjugate "to look"
tingin (root), tingnan (inf), ti(n)gnan (comp), tiniti(n)gnan (inc), titi(n)gnan (cont) conjugate "to look (at something)"
tingin (root), matingnan (inf), nati(n)gnan (comp), natiti(n)gnan (inc), titi(n)gnan (cont) conjugate "to happen to see"
amoy (root), amuyin (inf) inamoy (comp), inaamoy (inc), aamuyin (cont) conjugate "to smell"
amoy (root), umamoy (inf), umamoy (comp), umaamoy (inc), aamoy (cont) conjugate "to give of a smell"
lasa (root), lasahan (inf), nilasahan (comp), nilalasahan (inc), lalasahan (cont) conjugate "to taste something"
lasa, lumasa, lumasa, lumalasa, lalasa conjugate "to acquire flavor"
tikim, tumikim, tumikim, tumitikim, titikim conj. "to taste, sample food"
dama, damhin, dinama, dinadama, damhin?? conj. "to touch, to feel"
dama, madama, madama, nadadama/nadarama, madarama/mararama conj. "to feel, to experience"
dinig, makinig (mag+dinig), nakinig, nakikinig, makikinig conj. "to listen"
dinig, marinig (ma+dinig), narinig, naririnig, maririnig conj. "to hear"
dinig, dinggin, dininig, dinirinig, diringgin conj. "to listen to something" (dinggin)
dinig, pakinggan, pinakinggan, pinapakinggan/pinakikinggan, papakinggan/pakikinggan conj "to listen to something" (pakinggan)
Created by: Solkatt



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