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Unit 1 Greetings and Introductions

province ولايت
district ولسوالي
Mullah/priest ملا
NCO بريدګی
lieutenant بريدمن
captain تورن
senior captain جګتورن
major جګړن
colonel ډګرمن
resident اوسېدونکې
officer منصبدار
rank رتبه
exam/test امتحان
respect درناوی
room کوټه/خونه
member غړی
carpenter ترکاڼ/نجار
aunt (maternal) توړی/خاله
aunt (paternal) توړی/خاله
old man سپين ږيری
old woman سپين سرې
bride ناوې
I زه
you (singular) تهٔ
he دی
he/she/it/this/these دا
he/she هغه
we مونږ/موږ
you (plural/singular form.) تاسې/تاسو
they دوی
they (distant/out of sight) هغوی
my/mine زما
your/yours ستا
his ددهٔ
her/hers ددې
his (distant/out of sight) دهغهٔ
her/hers (distant/out of sight) دهغې
our/ours زمونږ
your/yours ستاسې/ستاسو
their/theirs دهغوی/ددوی
single مجرد
married متأهل
alive ژوندی
dead مړ
direct/straight مستقيم
to do کول
to have لرل/درلودل
to thank تشکر/مننهکول
Pashto language د پښتو ژنه
of/from د
in په... کې
up to/until تر
from له... څجه/نه
masculine/male نارينه/مذکر
feminine/female ښځينه/مؤنث
to contact تماس نيول
to talk/speak خبرې کول
to lie درواغ ويل/دروغ ويل
to drink چښل/څکل/څښل
to want غوښتل
to play لوبې کول/بازي کول
to bring (in-animate) راوړل
to bring (animate) راوستل
university student محصل
employment استخدام
cook اشپز
wedding وادهٔ
uncle (maternal) ماما
uncle (paternal) کاکا/اکا
salary معاش
university پوهنتون
nurse پرستار
girl نجلئ/جلئ/جلکئ
farmer دهقان/دهقانه
daughter-in-law نګور/نږور/مږور
child/children بچيانې/بچس/بچيان/بچۍ
Created by: AbbyRivard