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how should the GB appear on ultrasound? anechoic with thin walls
what does the GB neck merge with to begin the biliary ductal system? cystic duct
what are the folds of the cystic duct called? Spiral Vales of Heister
what is the function of the spiral valves of heister? helps keep GB from collapsing, helps control flow of bile
what is the CBD formed by? CHD and cystic duct
how does the CBD travel to the pancreas? inferior and posterior to lateral side
what is the function of the GB? concentration of bile, delivery of bile to duodenum, storage of bile
when fats and amino acids are ingested the duodenal mucosa releases what? cholecystokinin (CCK)
what is the most common GB variation? Phrygian Cap
what is the function of the biliary system? transport bile from liver to GB, transport bile from GB to duodenum
what is a Packed Bag or WES sign? when GB is completely packed with stones so its hard to visualize
GB wall thickness should not exceed what? 3mm
when looking at GB wall thickness what may cause a false positive? ascites
what is the most common cause of cholecystitis? stone impaction in cystic duct
what else is Courvoisier's Sign known as? hydrops
what is emphysematous cholecystitis? Gas that is produced within GB wall (produced from infection)
what is biliary atresia? incomplete formation of ductal system (no cystic duct, CHD, CBD)
what is the most common obstructive biliary disease in infants and children? biliary atresia
What is the most common cause of obstructive jaundice? Choledochalithiasis
what LFT will be elevated with choledocholithiasis? ALP
Created by: bnlane