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Literature essays mi

6 steps of writing prewrite,plan,write,cool,revise,edit
prewriting steps brainstorming,free writing,asking questions,clustering
why is it important to be aware of your writing context when composing a document writers goal,readers need,discipline,nature
the size of a pargraph doesnt matter.... as long as the main topic is conveyed
supporting topic sentences include personal experience,examples,facts,opinions,statistics,testimony
topic sentence expresses main point of a paragraph and conveys s a controling idea about that point
slang can be used depending on who it is your talking to and the message being conveyed
a controlling idea reflects critical thinking, close observation, and analasys
a paragraph is... is a group of sentences where a main idea is conveyed
topic sentence examples my experiences during the first year of college! what the first year of college can mean to you.Be more precise in my answers
for a paragraph to be effective the topic sentence and controlling idea must be supported by facts,statistics,testimony,personal experience, and observations
Topic sentence example layout the chemistry building must be renovated if the college wants to compete with other universities
facts (example) building never renovated since it opened in 1967 newest computer is three years old
statistics (example) 45% of equipment is obsolete by national standards 50% of premed students transfer in sophmore year
testimony (example) chemistry professors complaints to the dean
personal experience (example) students inability to conduct experiments (you have experienced this)
observations (example) number of students seen waiting to use equipment (your watching this)
A description... presents facts, images, and impressions of people , events, things and ideas
descriptions use sensory data.. what we see, hear, taste, touch, feel or smell to record impressions
objective description accurate, verified record of factual details
subjective description feelings,personal observations to create mood or feeling (personal letter,blog,essay)
Blended description objective facts and subjective impressions (popular books, magazines)
rhetor orator or speaker
rhetoric skills , tools, or styles adopted by speaker in order to effectively persuade an audience
rhetorical modes narration,description,definition,cause/effect
synethesia where one sense is percieved with another
Narration tells a story or explains a chain of events
Objective narration presents facts to create an accurate timeline of events (example- medical history,police reports,accident, or injury)
subjective narration writers impressions,feelings,insights,points of view (personal essays)
the major distinction between rhetorical modes of description and narration? conflict
Definition limits or explains meaning of idea
Descriptions provide details of single person place or thing
definitions establish personality type,type of place, or class of things
Standard definition universally accepted, rarely change (example- tibia, right angle, aluminum)
regulatory definition policy to make decisions, subject to change( ca's definition of DUI)
qualifying definition subject to interpetation, limits meaning of word (obesity, a genius, alchoholism
personal definition writers interpetations of values or concepts (example friendship, a good teacher)
invented definition new or newly recognized behaviour,object,technology,social trend(example- hacking, flash mob, big box store, chillaxing)
4 methods of definition synonyms,caprisons,descriptions,impressions
comparison/contrast is another rhetorical mode that we use to organize our writing and make it persuasive and effective
comparison shows how two topics are alike
contrast shows how two topics are different
comparison and contrast are used for what purposes? differences between two subjects,reccomend choice between subjects,to show something has changed over time creating a before and after view, to prevent a prsent vs future comparison, to contrast advantages and disadvatnages of a single subject
compare and contrast paragraph styles subject by subject (example- all information about 1st topic, all information second topic) point by point (example-choose 7 key elemnts then write about how the two topics relate to each element)
MLA format Modern Language Association's format in citations and bibliographies and such. It is important to use to make sure that credit is being given where credit is due and so that everybody's citations are in the same format.
MLA documentation consist of citations and works cited list
work cited found at end of paper, systematically and alphabetically every source mentioned in paper
in text citation everytime you quote or paraphrase another persons work "I am the best cook ever"(Doyle 65).
a sentence group of words that contain a verb ,subject, and complete a thought (example- should we call a cab? the bus arrives at noon)
a subject is the actor or main topic that explains what the sentence is about (example- TANYA drives a school bus, TANYA AND ERIC drive school buses,DRIVING A SCHOOL BUS requires skill)
verbs express action,link ideas, or help other verbs (
action verbs show what the subject is doing (example- we REJECTED the directors proposal, the doctor EXAMINED the x-rays)
Gerunds ing verbs that act as nouns that can be used as subjects (example- SWIMMING is fun,SMOKING is unhealthy,HIKING is fun)
Nouns names of people,places,ideas,or things
count nouns refer to things that might be singular or plural( Singular-car,woman/plural-cars,women)
pronouns take the place of a noun and can be the subject of a sentence (noun-doctor,students,computer/pronoun-he or she,they,it)
singular nouns take singular pronouns any STUDENT should try HIS OR HER best
Plural nouns take plural pronouns all STUDENTS should try THEIR best
fragments are incomplete sentences, they lack a subject, a complete verb, or fail to express a complete thought.
Fused Sentence joining 2 independent clauses without any punctuations (example- i quit smoking cigarettes are expensive)
comma splice using only a comma to join 2 independent clauses (example-ilike coffee,he likes tea)
run ons incorrectly punctuated compound sentences(example-she begged no one cared/she begged,but no one cared)
run ons can be fixed by connecting sentences with a comma and a conjunction (and,or,nor,yet,but,so far) Place a period between sentences,reword the sentence
adjectives are words and phrases that describes nouns and pronouns (a NEW shirt, he was TALL, a UNIQUE OLD car)
adverbs are words and phrases that describe verbs,adjectives, and other adverbs. they generally end in -ly
Created by: cwhitel
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