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week 1 key terms/M-3


Consultation Room Specified room or meeting area
Dental Chair The center for all clinical and treatment activity
Dental Operatory / Treatment room Clinical or control area where dental treatment is performed
Dental Unit Consists of handpieces, air water syringes, saliva ejector
Handpieces Instruments that aid the dentist in tooth preparation and the removal of dental decay
Fulcrum Point of stability used by the ring finger
Innate Immunity The general protection that humans are born with
Supine Position Position in which the patient is reclined in the dental chair with the patients nose and knees at the same level
Triturate The mechanical combination of dental materials
Active Immunity Immunity that is artificially acquired from immunizations
Ergonomics The study and adaption of how people work
Standard precautions A standard of care that protects health care workers from pathogens
Passive Immunity Immunity from an outside source that last for a short time
Universal Precautions Precautions used to protect patients and healthcare workers from coming into contact with contaminated bodily fluids
Latent Infection An ongoing infection with recurrent symptoms
Bloodborne Pathogens Organisms transferred through blood and bodily fluids that cause infectious diseases
Upright Position Position in which the patient is seated with the dental chair back at a 90 degree angle
Assistants Zone Positioning zone that is based on the clock concept
Droplet Transmission A disease that occurs from splash or splatter to the mucosa or non intact skin
Subsupine Position Position in which the patient is reclined in the dental chair with the patients head positioned lower than the feet
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