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USIDMS Abdominal Vessels/Musculoskeletal

What are the 3 branches of the celiac artery? Left gastric artery, Splenic artery, Common/proper hepatic artery
Name the layers of an artery. Tunica intima, Tunica media, Tunica adventitia
Arteris usually have a ______ tunica intima to allow for elasticity. thicker
The left renal vein travels between the ____ & ____. aorta & SMA
Which renal vein is longer? The left renal vein
The size of veins change with _______. respiration
The portal vein is formed by the merging of what 2 veins? Splenic vein and SMV
The inferior mesenteric vein drains into what? The splenic vein
Name the 3 structures of the portal triad. Portal vein, Common Bile Duct, Common Hepatic Duct
Portal venous flow is toward the liver, A.K.A. _____________ flow. Hepatopetal
Hepatic veins take blood out of, or away from the liver, A.K.A. _______flow. Hepatofugal
Portal veins have more _____ walls than hepatic veins. echogenic
Hardening of an artery is called what? Arteriosclerosis
What is the most common cause of AAA? Arteriosclerosis
What is the small sac between two moving surfaces, usually tendon and bone called? Bursa
Name the two lower limb nerves identifiable with sonography. Sciatic and Popliteal
Name the four upper limb nerves identifiable with sonography. Suprascapular, Median, Radial, and Ulnar
Name the 4 types of artifacts that can occur when scanning musculoskeletal. Anisotropy, Reverberation, Refractile, Time of flight
The ______ tendon is one of the easiest structures to image in the adult shoulder. biceps
The ___________ is a tunnel on the ulnar side of the wrist formed by the hook of the hamate and pisiform bones. Guyon's canal
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