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7th Gd. Protists Qui

Protista Kingdom Quiz

Both multicellular and unicellular algae are protists because they are both autotrophic (photosynthetic)
In protozoa, a small membrane wrapped cavity that stores food is called a food vacuole
Sarcodina move through water using their pseudopodia
Flagellates feed by absorbing nutrients through cell membranes
Trypanosomes and trichomonads are classified as Zoomastigina (flagellates)
The Plasmodium causes a disease called malaria
Plasmodium is classified in the Phylum Sporozoa
Malaria is carried by the female Anopheles mosquito
The pigments of the algae are chlorophyll and the accessory pigments
What are chemicals that trap sunlight and allow the harvest of its energy? pigments
A small organelle that is sensitive to light in the Euglena. eyespot
A population explosion of algae causing adverse conditions in a body of water. algal bloom
The population of microbes found near the surface of the ocean. plankton
The Red Tide is caused by dinoflagellates
Spirogyra is _______________, colonial green algae. filiamentous
The multicellular algae (seaweed) found growing at great depths are the red algae
Products derived from alage include drugs for stomach ulcers and high blood pressure, food thickners, and additives in plastics, waxes, paints, and lubricants
What is the most important contribution the algae make for mankind? they produce over 75% of the earth's oxygen
What organelle maintains water balance in the protozoa? contractile vacuole
The micronucleus in the paramecium controls the ______________ of the cell. reproduction
The macronucleus in the paramecium controls normal __________________. cell activites
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