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Wow words #3

Garrulous talkative.
Perturbed Annoyed.
Myriad Abundance of,countless,meaning 10,000 in Greek.
Pedestrian Boring.
Arduous Very difficult.
Impeccable Perfect.
Serpentine Twisting and turning.
Herpetology Study of amphibians and reptiles.
Desist Halt,stop,cease.
Ludicrous Ridiculous.
Novel Unique,different,original.
Gregarious The quality of being outgoing.
Stymie To confuse,to bewilder,to stump.
Colossal Huge enormous.
Extrovert Someone who is very outgoing.
Plethora A great deal of,an abundance of.
Ambidextrous An ability to use both hands equally well
Irk To annoy,irritate.
Placid Calm,undisturbed.
Inclement Not or peaceful,as in bad weather.
Claustrophobia Irrational fear of closed in spaces.
Tenacious Persevering.
Benevolent Inclined to do"good".
Malicious Inclined to do"evil".
Amicable Friendly.
Gullible Easily fooled,naive.
Petrified Terrified.
Superfluous Having unwanted excess.
Interminable Going on endlessly.
Vivacious Lively.
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