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DMS333- MH5


What is the most common type of thyroid cancer papillary
Chronic inflammation of the thyroid Hashimotos
Portion of the thyroid that connects the left lobe to the right lobe isthmus
Any enlargement of the thyroid goiter
A thyroid condition that makes the patient intolerant to cold, gain weight, and fatigued hypothyroidism
PTH controls the absorption of calcium
Benign thyroid tumor adenoma
An additional thyroid lobe arising from the isthmus pyramidal
Thyroiditis will do what to the color flow increase
How many parathyroid lobes does the average person have? 4
Which muscle is located directly posterior to the thyroid gland Longs colis
Which thyroid condition involves heat intolerance and weight loss hyperthyroidism
Name two types of thyroidits Hashimoto, and DeQervains
When scanning the thyroid are you more likely to use a 4 MHz transducer or 12 MHz 4 MHz
What are the average thyroid lobe measurements? 4x2x2 cm
What should the isthmus measure 1cm
What respiratory structure is directly behind the thyroid? trachea
What type of transducer (curved or linear) will be used to scan the thyroid linear
Which blood vessels in the neck are lateral and posterior to the thyroid gland? Carotid and jugular
Where does the blood supply to the thyroid come from? Superior, mid, and inferior thyroid arteries
Created by: mmhedinger