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Book: Modern Dental Assisting - vocab review - Oral Pathology

Abscess Localized area of pus originating from an infection
Acute inflammation Minimal and short-lasting injury to tissue
Biopsy Removal of tissue from living patients for diagnostic examination
Candidiasis Superficial infection caused by yeast-like fungus
Carcinoma Malignant tumor in epithelial tissue
Cellulitis Inflammation of cellular or connective tissue
Chronic inflammation Continuous injury or irritation to tissue
Congenital Disorders that are present at birth
Cyst Closed cell or pouch with a definite wall
Ecchymosis Technical term for bruising
Erosion Wearing away of tissue
Glossitis Inflammation of the tongue
Granuloma A granular tumor or growth
Hematoma Swelling or mass of blood collected in one area or organ
Inflammation Protective response of the tissues or irritation or injury
Lesion Area of pathology
Leukemia A progressive disease in which the bone marrow produces an increased number of immature or abnormal white cells
Leukoplakia Formation of white spots or patches on the oral mucosa
Lichen Benign, chronic disease that affects the skin and oral mucosa
Lmphadenopathy Disease or swelling of the lymph nodes
Lymphoma Malignant disorder of the lymphoid tissue
Metastasize The spread (disease) from one part of the body to another
Methaphetamine Potent central nervous system stimulant
Meth mouth Informal name for the rampant tooth decay caused by heavy methamphetamine use
Pathology The study of disease
Petechiae Small, pinpoint reds pots on the skin or mucous membrane
Sarcoma Malignant tumor in connective tissue such as muscle or bone
Tori Abnormal growths of bone in a specific area
Xerostomia Dryness of the mouth caused by reduction of saliva
Created by: KiwiMangos