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ME Dent. Office 1

the purpose of State Dental Practice Acts and of Licensure is to... protect the public from being mistreated or mislead by unqualified or incompetent practitioners
what are the qualifications for DH licensure? good moral character, 18+ yrs old, graduate from school accredited by American dental association commission on dental accredidation (at least 2 yrs higher education) and is approved by board, pass exam given by board
what is the DH license application fee? 275.00
a license may not be renewed for... a term longer than 2 years
what is the license renewel fee? $182 every 2 years
how many hours of CE courses are needed? 30 hours, 2 on infection control, and 2 hour abuse and neglect every other renewal cycle
a license and renewal certificate should be displayed? conspicuously in office where easily seen by public
what is reciprocity? an agreement between 2+ states allowing an individual licensed in one state to receive, without further exams, a license in another state who are part of the agreement
what is probation? conditional suspension of sentence
what is suspension? temporarily stop or interrupt
what is it to revoke? take away
what is the dental hygienist well-being committee? committee of MD dental hygienist association that evaluates & provides assistance to any DH, radiation technologist, assistant in need of treatment and rehab for alcoholism, drug abuse, chemical dependency, or other physical, emotional, mental condition
Created by: mnerion