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Plant structure

Assessment of plant structure & nutrition

1. Tap roots & Fibrous roots are the two types of root systems. True or false True
2. Roots of equal size are indicative of which root system? Fibrous roots
3. The main function of the flower is? Reproduction
4. A node is the point at which a leaf emerges from. True or False True
5. The over ground part of the plant is called the? Shoot
6. There are 4 zones in a root. The zone where mitosis occurs is called? Meristematic zone
7. The zone where the new cells formed develop into different tissues is called? Zone of differentiation
8. Dermal, Ground, Epidermal are the three types of tissues found in plants? False, Dermal, Ground and Vascular are the three types of tissues found in a plant
9. The openings on the surface of a stem are called? Lenticels
10. The main functions of the leaf is to carry out? Photosynthesis and gas exchange
11. The openings on the surface of a leaf that allow gas exchange are called? Stomata
12. The function of dermal tissue is to protect the plant? True or false True
13. Two functions of ground tissue is? To carry out photosynthesis and give support to the plant
14. Name the two tissues that make up vascular tissue? Xylem & phloem
15. Water and minerals are transported by xylem? True or false True
16. What does phloem transport? Food
17. Name the two types of xylem cells/tissues? Xylem tracheid and Xylem vessels
18. The substance found in xylem to give them strength? Lignin
19. Xylem is a living tissue? True or False False xylem is a non-living tissue
20. The cell the controls the activity of the phloem is called? Companion cell
21. In a Dicot plant the vascular bundles are scattered? True or False False in a Dicot the vascular bundles are arranged in a ring
22. By what process does water enter the roots of the plant? Osmosis
23. Water moves across the plant tissues by diffusion. True or False True
24. Name the gas taken in by the plant through the stomata? Carbon dioxide
25(a). Root pressure, transpiration and adhesion/cohesion are responsible for what in a plant? Movement of water up a plant
25(b). Minerals do not enter a plant by osmosis but enter the roots of a plant by what process? Active transport
26. Name one condition that would cause the stomata to open on the leaves of a plant? 1. High water levels in the plant 2. Low levels of carbon dioxide in the plant
27. Name the two sources of carbon dioxide for a plant? 1. The atmosphere 2. Respiration
28. The cells either side of the stroma (opening) the control opening/closing of stomata are called? Guard cells
29. Give two ways plants are adapted to prevent water loss? 1. Stomata close when water levels are low 2. Presence of waxy cuticle to prevent water loss 3. Stomata on the underside of the leaf
30. What is transpiration? The loss of water from a plant through the stomata. It is increased by high temperatures and high wind speed.
31. A tuber is an example of a modified stem give an example of a tuber? Potato
32. A tap root is an example of a modified root with carrot being an example? Give an example of a modified leaf? Bulb
Created by: scienceatkcc