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DMS333- MH4


Describe the flow of bile from the liver to the duodenum. CHD, Cystic Duct, GB, CBD, Ampulla of Vater, Sphincter of Oddi
Name two sonographic differences in a GB polyp and a GB stone Polyps do not shadow and are not mobile
Primary GB carcinoma is most likely to spread where? Liver
A stone within the CBD is called? choledocholithiasis
Pericholecystic fluid is common with what infection of the GB? Cholecystitis
Bile gets its greenish color from what enzyme? Bilirubin
Bile is responsible for breaking down what component of our diet? Fatty foods
The CBD is anterior to what vessel in the liver? MPV
Fluid surrounding the GB is called what? Pericholecystic fluid
A solid complex mass with irregular borders that shadows in the GB GB carcinoma
GB wall thickness should not exceed ... 3 mm
The CBD increases by _______ every _________ after the patient hits age 50. 1mm, decade
An enlarged GB is called? Courvsier's sign
Another name for Courvsier's sign is? GB Hydrops
What two positions is the patient placed in to evaluate the GB? Supine and LLD
Echogenic material in the most dependent portion of the GB that is mobile Sludge
What is the most common cause for GB hydrops? Obstruction
What is another name for "packed bag" - referring to a GB filled with stones WES Sign
Name 3 anatomical areas of the GB Fundus, Body, Neck
This congenital defect is suspected if the infant becomes jaundiced after 14 days of life Biliary Atresia
Created by: mmhedinger