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USIDMS Kidney/Urinary Tract

Condition where pus is blocking the collecting system, can lead to septic shock Pynonephrosis
Dilation of the renal pelvis caused by the inability to drain urine Hydronephrosis
Grade of Hydronephrosis where the renal parenchyma is thinning and the entire collecting system is dilated IV
Childhood kidney carcinoma is known as Wilm's Tumor
Wilm's Tumor is also called Nephroblastoma
Most common malignant renal tumor of adults, seen more often in men Renal Cell Carcinoma
Benign renal tumor with spoke wheel pattern with central scar Oncocytoma
Which kidney sits lower in the body Right
What is the functioning unit of the kidney Nephron
What is the function of the nephron Filters blood and produces urine
The columns of Bertin are located between what portions of the kidney Pyramids
What is the outer layer of the kidney Cortex
What is the pathway of drainage through the kidney Pyramids, minor calyx, major calyx, renal pelvis, ureter
The ureter courses along what muscle Psoas
The ureters enter the bladder anteriorly or posteriorly Posteriorly
What makes up the trigone area Ureteral openings, urethral exit
One function of the kidney is to maintain salt and water homeostasis, true or false True
Hematuria is Blood in urine
Pyuria is Pus in urine
Hematocrit is the ratio of plasma to packed cell volume in blood
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