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DMS333- MH3

USIDMS- Kidneys and Bladder

Which body cavity are the kidneys located in? retroperitoneal
What are the functional units of the kidneys? nephron
Where are the nephrons located? the renal cortex
What do the minor calyces drain into? the major calyces
Which is longer, the male or female urethra? male
When a UTI has spread past the bladder and into the kidneys it is called what? pyonephritis
The most common childhood malignancy of the kidney is...? Wilms tumor
A benign congenital condition in which the tubules are dialated. medullary sponge kidney
A process in which the entire medulla of the kidney begins to calcify and shadows on ultrasound? Acute tubular necrosis
A cystic genetic disorder of the kidneys that effects adults APCKD
A renal disorder that is not compatible with life and is detected in utero Infantile Polycystic Kidney Disease
Which blood level will often be elevated with kidney failure? Serum Creatinine
Which anatomic structures transport urine from the renal pelvis to the bladder? ureters
Which kidney malignancy is most likely to be found in the cortex? Renal Cell Carcinoma
A hyperechoic mass with round borders in the renal cortex is most likely? Angiomyolipoma
Hydronephrosis is most likely caused by? obstruction of the ureter
Dilation of the renal pelvis extending into the calyces? hydronephrosis
An echogenic mass that shadows posteriorly is most likely a...? kidney stone
Which renal artery is longer? RRA
Which renal vein is longer? LRV
What enters the kidney at the renal hilum? renal artery, renal vein, renal pelvis
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