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The pancreas lies in what position in relation to anatomical slices of the body? Transverse
Which cells of the pancreas are responsible for producing insulin? Islets of Langerhan
What are the four anatomic areas of the pancreas? Head, Neck, Body, Tail
What is the name of the accessory duct in the pancreas? Duct of Santorini?
Which cells in the pancreas are responsible for producing digestive juices? Acini cells
What are the three types of Islet of Langerhan cells? alpha, beta, delta
Do the alpha, beta or delta cells produce insulin? alpha
What do the beta cells produce? Glucagon
These lab values will increase with pancreatitis and decrease with hepatitis and cirrohsis... Amylase and Lipase
The most common cause of pancreatitis is..? Alcoholism
What is the best way to tell the difference between acute pancreatitis and hemorrhagic pancreatitis? hematocrit levels
Does chronic or acute pancreatitis increase the risk for pancreatic cancer? chronic
An encapsulated collection of pancreatic juice, blood, and debris Pancreatic Pseudocyst
What occurs if a pancreatic pseudocyst ruptures? peritonitis
A rare benign mass in the tail of the pancreas that occurs in women over 60 pancreatic cystadenoma
malignant mass in the head of the pancreas most common in men over 40 pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is most likely to exert a mass effect on what? CBD, Duct of Wirsung, IVC
Besides alcoholism, another common cause of pancreatitis is...? CBD Obstruction
How does Pancreatic Cystadenocarcinoma appear on U/S? Cystic mass with thick walls and septations
What is the fourth most common cancer? pancreatic
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