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are created by the dental laboratory technician from precise impressions of the prepared tooth. cast restoration
covers the occlusal surface inlay
thin shell of tooth covered material that covers the facial surface of a tooth veneer
covers the full crown of an individual tooth crown
full metal crown with outer surfaces covered with a thin surface of porcelain pmf- porcelain fused metal
prosthetic that is used to replace missing teeth consisting of at least two abutments and pontic. bridge
covers at least one cusp and the occlusal surface onlay
a bridge is described by the number of units
an artificial tooth or part of the dental appliance that replaces missing teeth pontic
natural tooth that serves as the support for the replacement tooth or teeth in a fixed bridge abutment
consists of a pontic with a wing like extensions coming from the mesial and distal sides and is often used to replace congenitally missing anterior teeth Maryland bridge
protective covering that is placed after a tooth has been prepared for an indirect restoration until the final casting is seated provisional coverage
cast restoration is classified as having proper fit when it has good contacts,_____ aligns the gums, and height of the casting is in proper occlusion margins
a strong composite material used as a retention aid for crowns in a tooth that is vital is a core build up
if a tooth is nonvital or has been treated endodontically, a _____________ is a retention aid for crowns that is placed into the canal on the tooth prefabricated post and core
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