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What divides the hemispheres of the scrotum? Medium Raphe
What creates the mediastinal teste? Tunica Albuginea
Where would a hydrocele most likely appear? Between the visceral tunica vaginalis and the parietal tunica vaginalis
Where is sperm produced? Seminiferous Tubules
Where is the epididymis located in relation to the testicle? Posterior/lateral aspect of testicle
A vericocele affectes which part of testicular anatomy? Pampiniform Plexus
How does microlithiasis appear on ultrasound? Multiple, small calcifications without shadowing
What technique can be used to check for a varicocele? Valsalva
Three ultrasonic characteristics of epididymitis? Increased color flow, enlargement of the epididymis head, reactive hydrocele
What is the most common malignancy of the testicle? Seminoma
What happens to a torsed testicle after 24 hours? The testicle becomes necrotic and non-functional
What is orchitis? Epididyma infection that has spread to the testicle
The prostate is located ________ to bladder? Inferior
What regulates prostate function? Testosterone
What breaks down coagulated sperm? PSA
What is the most anterior zone of the prostate? Fibromuscular stroma
What structure is displayed posterior to the prostate on ultrasound? Rectum
What is an enlargement of prostate in transitional zones? Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
What pathology of the prostate is characterized by a hypoechoic halo periurethral/transitional area? Prostatitis
What zone is prostate CA most commonly found? Peripheral zone
How does the classic appearance of prostate CA appear? Hypoechoic lesion in peripheral zone
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