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Embryology/1st trimester OB review

What is the first organ to function within the embryo? The heart.
When are limb buds recognizable? By 6 weeks gestation.
In an 8 week old fetus, what structure can be visualized within the cranium? cystic rhomboid fossa
At what week of gestation should the umbilical herniation rotate and descend back in to the fetal abdomen? By week 11.
What is the most common occurrence of bleeding within the first trimester? Subchorionic hemorrhage.
What is the earliest intragestational sac anatomy seen? The yolk sac.
What is the double decidual sac sign? The interface between the decidua capsularis and the echogenic highly vascularized decidua on the opposite wall of the endometrial cavity.
What week can and IUP be visualized sonographically? Week 4
When does the fetal period begin? weeks 11 and 12
What structure secretes progesterone and estrogen in early pregnancy? The corpus luteum
What is another term for conceptual age? embryologic age
How many days after conception does implantation take place? 7-8 days
Where do the ovum and sperm usually unite? The ampulla of the tube.
When does the decidual reaction start to happen? right after implantation
What hormone does the trophoblastic cells secrete? HCG
At how many days after conception should a hCG blood test show up positive? 7-10 days
What is too little amniotic fluid? oligohydramnios
What is too much amniotic fluid? polyhydramnios
In early pregnancy what produces the amniotic fluid? placenta
Created by: mommy2bca