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USIDMS Pancreas

what is the exocrine function of the pancreas? produce pancreatic juice needed for normal intestinal digestion and absorption
what does lipase increase with? acute pancreatitis (increased within 72-96 hours after onset, but will be elevated longer) and pancreatic cancer
how long is the pancreas? about 15 cm (6in)
what type of gland is the pancreas? endocrine AND exocrine
what is the tail seen anterior to? stomach
what is the maximum diameter of duct of wirsung? 2mm
what are exocrine digestive cells? acinar cells
what is the venous supply of pancreas? SMV and SV
what is the arterial supply of the pancreas? pancreatioduodenal artery (from SMA), gastroduodenal artery (from celiac trunk/CHA, splenic artery
what cells are islets of Langerhans made up of? alpha, beta, delta
what does the duct of santorini drain? upper portion of head
what is the neck seen directly anterior to? portal vein confluence
what is a pancreatic pseudocyst? encapsulated collection of pancreatic juice, blood, and debris (stuff has escaped from pancreas into the surrounding tissues)
who is more likely to get pancreatic adenocarcinoma? men over 40
where is pancreatic adenocarcinoma normally located? head of pancreas
who is more likely to get pancreatic cystadenoma? females over 60
what is a symptom of chronic pancreatitis? jaundice
what is the most common primary cancer? pancreatic adenocarcinoma
what LFT's will be elevated with chronic pancreatitis? amylase and lipase
what is the most common cause of acute pancreatitis? cholelithiasis
what are characteristics of a pancreatic pseudocyst ? no epithelial lining
where is pancreatic cystadenoma normally located? tail of pancreas
Created by: bnlane