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Mga salita tungkol sa bahay

kuwarto/silid-tulugan bedroom
kusina kitchen
sala living room
silid-kainan/Komedor Dining room
banyo bathroom
kubeta toilet
hardin garden
bakuran yard
garahe garage
palapag floors/stories
sahig floor
bubong ceiling
dingding walls
pintuan door
tarangkahan gate
balkonahe balcony
mesa table
sily/upuan chair
sofa sofa
hapag-kainan dining table
tokador dresser
kalan stove
telebisyon television
kotse car
nandito/narito, nandiyan/nariyan /nandoon/naroon to answer nasaan questions (without verbs)
dito/rito, diyan/riyan and doon/roon to answer saan questions (with verbs)
nandito/narito/dito/rito here
nandiyan/nariyan/diyan/riyan there
nandoon/naroon/doon/roon over there
nasa kuwarti ni Maria ang computer niya Maria's computer is in her room
nasa kusina ang kalan the stove is in the kitchen
nasa hardin ang aso the dog is in the garden
nandito ang lola ko my grandmother is here
wala dito ang kapatid kong lalaki my brother is not here
may tatlong kuwarto ang bahay namin there are three bedrooms in our house
may dalawang kotse sa garahe nina Teresa at Victor there are two cars in teresita and Victor's garage
Created by: Solkatt