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Ang aking bakasyon

Lesson 18

May pasalubong ako sa iyo I have a present for you
kumusta ang bakasyon mo? How was your vacation?
Masaya. Happy.
Nagpunta ako sa Hawaii. I went to Hawaii.
Sino ang kasama o? Who was with you?
Kasama ko ang nanay ko, ang tatay ko, at ang dalawa kong kapatid. I was with my mother, my father and my two siblings.
Ano ang ginawa mo sa Hawaii? What did you do in HAwaii?
Lumangoy ako sa dagat. I swam in the ocean.
Namasyal kami sa isang taniman ng pinya. We went sightseeing at a pineapple plantation.
Ano ang kinain mo? What did you eat?
Kumain ako ng macadamia nuts I ate macadamia nuts.
Ano pa ang ginawa mo? What else did you do?
Namili ako at nagpamasahe sa spa. I went shopping and I asked someone to give me a massage at the spa.
Ikaw, saan ka nagbakasyon? You, where did you vacation?
Dito lang ako sa Oakland. I was just here in Oakland.
Lumangoy Swam
Sumisid dived
namasyal went sightseeing
namili went shopping
nagbakasyon took a vacation
nag-i-scubadiving went scuba-diving
nag-i-snorkeling went snorkeling
nag-skiing went skiing
umakyat climb
kumuha ng larawan took pictures
nagpahinga rest
inempake pack (a suitcase)
inihanda prepared
humiram borrowed
nagsauli returned
isinuot wore (as in wear)
nagpamasahe have someone give a massage
nagpagupit have someone cut your hair
nagpaluto have someone cook for you
nagpa-photocopy have someone make copies for you
taniman plantation
isla island
bundok mountain
pasalubong a present, souvenir
ulat/report report
masaya happy
abala busy
pagod tired
napagod became tired
malungkot sad
bago before
pagkatapos after
Created by: Solkatt