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The strap muscles are located _______ and ______ on the neck. anterior and lateral
What muscles are posterior to the thyroid? Longus colli muscles
The thyroid consists of what 4 parts? Pyramidal lobe, right lobe, isthmus, and left lobe
They thyroid is what kind of gland? endocrine
The endocrine function of the thyroid is maintaining what 3 things? Metabolism, growth, and development
Thyroid hormones are produced, stored, and ______. secreted
What are the 3 hormones produced by the thyroid? T3, T4, and Calcitonin
The mechanism for producing thyroid hormones is what? iodine metabolism
Calcitonin decreases the concentration of calcium in the blood by first acting on _____ to inhibit its breakdown. bone
When they thyroid is producing the correct amount of hormones it is considered to be normal, or ______. euthyroid
What is the undersecretion of thyroid hormones? Hypothyroidism
What is the oversecretion of thyroid hormones? Hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism increases the _________. Metabolic rate
What is considered any enlargement of the thyroid? Goiter
What is diffuse enlargement of the thyroid, not from tumor or inflammation, but from gland malfunction? simple non-toxic goiter
Simple non-toxic goiters stay within what? capsule
Toxic multinodular goiter is also known as what? adenomatous hyperplasia
What are 3 signs of Grave's disease? 1.toxic goiter 2. Ophthalmopathy 3. skin changes (thickening)
Type of thyroiditis that is an acute viral infection? DeQervain's
What is chronic inflammation of the thyroid? Hashimoto's
Thyroid adenoma is more common in ______. females
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