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Spanish II

Llevar to take/ carry something
Desconsar to rest
Aprender to learn
Hablar to talk
Deysayunar To eat breakfast
Almorzar(ue) to eat lunch
Cenar to eat dinner
Poner to put
traier to bring
dar to give
Buscar to look for
regresar to return
llegar to arrive
Mirar to look at
lugubre gloomy
entender (ie) to understand
venir(ie) to come
preferir(ie) to prefer
pensar(ie) to think or to plan
pedir to ask for / to order
seguir to continue/ to follow
decir(i) to say/ to tell
perder(ie) to lose/ to waist time
esperar to hope/ to wait for
consequir (i) to obtain/ to get
dormir(ue) to sleep
volver (ue) to return
encontrar (ue) to meet or to find
cerrar(ie) to close
abrir to open
sentir(ie) to feel
poder(ue) to be able to
recordar (ue) to remember
mentir (ie) to lie
costar (ue) to cost
empezar (ie) to begin
morir(ue) to die
llueve *llover to rain
tronar(ue) to thunder
hacer to do / to make
costar(ue) to count / to tell a story
servir (i) to serve
sentar(ie) to sit
hacer la vista to pay a visit
hacer un viaje to take a trip
hacer las compras to do the shopping
hacer la tarea to do homework
liviano light (weight)
pesado heavy
viejo old
antigue antique
nuevo new
fácil easy
difícil difficult
duro durable
suave smooth
breve brief
no seas tan malo don't be so bad
no me digas you don't say
no tengo idea i have an idea
la sra. parra me caes bien i like mrs. parra
me caes bien i like you
me equivoco nosequivocamos you are wrong or mistaken
es el opuesto its the opposite
¿Que tiempo hace? what is the weather like
Hacer un mandado to run an arrand
hacer la cama make the bed
hacer las maletas to pack a suitcase
hacer to do/to make
está nublado cloudy
está soleado sunny
hay tormenta a storm
llueve (ue) it rains/ it's raining
esta lloviendo it's raining
Tronar (ue) to thunder
truena it thunders/ it's thundering
nevar (ie) it snows / its snowing
hace viento its windy
hace fresco its cool
hace frio its cold out
hace calor its hot
hace sol its sunny
hace buen tiempo the weather is good
llovizar to drizzle
está desejado its clear (cloudless)
hay nubes there are clouds
está húmedo its humid
hay granizo there's hail
hay niebla fog , mist
hay neblina mist
Rocomendar(ie) to recommend
deviertise (ie) to have fun
dormir (ue) to sleep
morir to die
contar (ue) to count, to tell a story
costar (ue) to cost
poder (ue) to be able
recordar (ue) to remember
encontrar (ue) to meet, to find
volver (ue) to return
demonstrar (ue) to show
monstrar (ue) to show
mostrar (ue) to show
Probar (ue) to try out, to be tested
servir (i) to serve
cónseguir (i) to get, obtain
Decir (i) to say, to tell (Yo digo)
pedir (i) to order, to ask for
seguir (i) to continue or follow/ Yo Sigo
Despedirse (i) to say goodbye
Impedir (i) to prevent
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