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CH4 Marketing 116

marketing information everyday information about developments in the marketing environment that mangers use to prepare an adjust marketing plans
Decision Support System DSS an interactive, flexible, computerized information system that enables managers to obtain and manipulate information as they are making decisions.
DAta base Marketing the creation of large computerized file of customer and potential customer profiles and purchase patterns
Dashboard display of computer-generated visual output easily accessed by employees for the purpose of maximizing customer relationship marketing interactions
Marketing Research the process of planning, collecting and analyzing data relevant to a marketing decisoin
Marketing Research issue a statement that defines the focus for the information that is to be collected to aid any marketing decision making
Marketing research objective the specific information needed to solve a marketing reseach issue
Management decision problem broad based problem that uses marketing research in order for mangers to take proper actions
SEcondary Data Data collected for any purpose other than the one at hand.
Marketing Research Aggregator a company that acquires, catalogues, reforms, segments and resells reports already published by marketing research firms
Research Design specifies which research questions must be answered how and when the data will be gathered and how the data will be analyzed
Primary Data information that is collected for the first time and is used for the solving the particular problem under investigation
Survey Research most popular technique for gathering primary data where ther researcher interacts with people to obtain facts, opinions and attitudes
Mall Intercept interview interviewing people in the common area of shopping malls
computer assisted personal interviewing the interviewer reads the question from a computer screen and enters ther respondents data directly in to the computer
computer assisted Self interviewing read off computer and enter own answers into screen
Central location telephone facility a specially designed phone room used to conduct telephone interviewing
Executive Interview a type of suvey that involves interviewing business people at their offices about industrial products or services
Focus Group seven to ten people who participate in a group discussion led by moderator
Scaled Response Question a closed ended question designed to measure the intensisty of a respondents answer
Observations Research a research method that relies on four type s of observation, people watching, people watching an activity, machines watching people and machines watch an activity
Ethnographic Research the study of human behaviour in its natural context, involves observation behaviour and physical setting
Experiment A method a researcher uses to gather primary data to determine cause and effect
Sample a subset from a larger population
Universe the population from which a sample will be drawn
Probability Sample a sample in which every element in the population has a known statistical likelihood of being selected
Random Sample arranged in such a way that every elecment of thepopulation has an euqal change of being seleceted as part of the sample
Nonprobability Sample little or no attempt is made to have a representative cross seciton of the population
Convenience Sample repondants whoa re convenient or readily accessible to the researcher ( friends family relatives) are used in non probability sample
measurment error Info from research is different than the research provided by the meaurment process
Sampling Error when the sample doesnt represent the target population
Frame Error sample error- sample drawn from a population differs from the TARGET population
Random Error selected sample is an imperfect representation of the overall population
Field Service Firm a firm that specializes in interviewing respondents on a subcontracted basis
Cross Tabulation A method of analyzing data that shows the analyst the responses to one question in relation to the responses to one or more other questions
REcrutied Internet sample- unrestricted internet sample and screened internet sample 3 different types of internet samples
Scanner Based Researche system fo gather information from a single group of respondents by continuously monitoring the advertising, promotion and pricing they are exposed to and the products they buy
Behavioiur Scan scanner based resarch program that tracks the purchase of 3000 households through store scanners in each research market
InfoScan a scanner based salestracking service for the consumer packaged goods industry
Competitive Intelligence an intelligence system that helps mangers asses their competition and vendors in order to become more efficient and effective competitors
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