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DMS333 - KP7

USIDMS Abdominal Vessels/ Musculoskeletal

What is the normal size of the IVC? 2-3cm
The portal vein is formed by the merging of what two vessels? Splenic vein and SMV
What makes up the portal triad? Portal vein, common bile duct, and common hepatic artery
What is Arteriosclerosis? Hardening of the artery
What is the sonographic appearance of a AAA? Increased width/measurement, over 3cm in AP measurement
How do you treat Budd Chiari syndrome? Antiocagulants
What is the term for increased pressure in the PV system? This typically occurs with liver disease. Portal Hypertension
Which disease process will cause the IVC to remain dilated? Congestive heart failure
What is the most common cause of aneurysms? Arteriosclerosis
Name the three vessel layers? Tunica Intima, Tunica Media, & Tunica Adventitia
A fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone is? Tendon
What is the normal thickness of a ligament? 2-3mm
What is the largest tendon in the body? Achilles Tendon
What is a Thompson's test? Point toes and squeeze calf
What is the long cord-like structure that is located in front of the shoulder? Biceps Tendon
Is the biceps tendon hyperechoic or hypoechoic? Hyperechoic
What is a Bursa? Thick fluid to prevent friction
Name the pathology of the shoulder: Biceps tendon subluxation, Tendinitis, Rotator cuff tear, Muscle tears
What are the two types of muscle tears? Distraction (indirect) & Compression (direct)
What can also be present with a muscle tear? Hematoma
Created by: kmamick