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DMS333 -KP4

USIDMS GB/Biliary Tree

What is the name of the anatomical variant of the gallbladder when it folds onto itself at the neck? Hartmann's pouch
The common hepatic duct joins with the _______ to form the common bile duct. Cystic duct
What is the name of the anatomical variant of the gallbladder in which the gallbladder folds at the fundus? Phrygian cap
How would carcinoma of the gallbladder appear sonographically? Abnormally thick gallbladder wall with hyperechoic lesion
A gallbladder filled with non-shadowing low level internal echoes that move when the patient changes positions is most likely what? Sludge
What are polyps? Non-moving, well defined echogenic focal masses seen attached to the wall of the gallbladder
What is a choledochal cyst? A focal dilation of the biliary tree caused by the reflux of pancreatic juices
Benign proliferation and thickening of the galandular layer of the gallbladder is most indicative for what? Adenomyomatosis
Why are patients asked to be NPO for approximately 8 hours prior to a gallbladder ultrasound? Being NPO causes bile to collect within the gallbladder lumen for better visualization
What is the normal thickness of the gallbladder wall? 1-3mm
What contains the spiral valves of Heister? Cystic duct
Focal tenderness over the gallbladder is? Positive Murphy's sign
What is the most common obstructive biliary disease in infants and children caused by incomplete formation of the bile ducts? Biliary Atresia
Air or gas within the biliary tree produces dirty shadowing called? Pneumobilia
Which two biliary ducts combine to form the common bile duct? Common hepatic duct and cystic duct
What is found anterior to the portal vein? Common Bile Duct
What is a porcelain gallbladder? Gallbladder wall calcification, increased risk of gallbladder carcinoma
Name the two types of Hyperplastic Cholecystosis. Adenomyomatosis and Cholesterolosis
What sonographic plane do you measure the gallbladder wall in? Transverse
What is the medical term for gall stones? Cholelithiasis
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