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English Latin Roots

Senior College English Latin Roots

Junct to join
Enjoin To command
Injunction An order by the judge to stop the suspect from leaving the country
Rejoinder An answer/reply
Alter Other
Altercation Fight/dispute
Partisan Believing and acting on the ideas of a political party or group
Impart To give away/share
Clus/Clud To close
Inclusive Containing all
Simul to imitate/pretend
Preclude prevent from happening
Cis to cut
Meta after/changed/beyond
Al other/another
Inalienable not able to be taken away
Dissemble to conceal the truth/deceive
Semblance Rough likeness
Moribund in a dying or deathlike state
Nec/Nox/Nic To hurt/kill
Pernicious Causing damage/harmful
Symbiotic Mutually beneficial
Antibiotic Causing the death of living organisms
Cogn to know
Cognizant Aware
Soph wise
sophistry use of trickery/ false logic in arguments
nomen name (n)
nominal in name only/ not completely true
nomenclature official system of naming
onym name (o)
Matron married woman
matriculate to enroll in a degree program at college
patricide murder of a father
expatriate living not within his/her native country
fil son/child
filial to do with a son
gen to give birth/create
progenitor founder of a line or race
progeny children/ descendants
magn large/great
magnate important/powerful
maxim large/great
microcosm small model of a larger pattern/place
megalomaniac one who believe him or herself as all-powerful/indestructible
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