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USIDMS Kidney/Urinary Tract

Name the 4 layers of the kidney from inner to outer. Renal capsule, perirenal fat, gerota's fascia, pararenal fat
Which part of the kidney contains the nephron? renal cortex
What are the 2 functions of the nephron? filtering blood & producing urine
Which renal artery is longer? RT renal artery
Which renal vein is longer? LT renal artery
What are the 4 functions of the kidney? 1. remove metabolic waste from blood 2. produce and excrete urine 3. maintain salt and water homeostasis 4. regulate blood volume, acid/ base volume, electrolyte concentration
Name the 3 processes of urine formation. glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption, tubular secretion
This test is used to detect abnormal components of the urine. urinalysis
With chronic renal failure will the patient have acidic or alkaline urine? alkaline urine
This is the end product of cellular metabolism. BUN (blood urea nitrogen)
This is a cyst in the renal sinus that does not connect with the collecting system. parapelvic cyst
What is the most common renal mass? simple renal cyst
This appears as bilaterally enlarged kidneys with multiple cyst that begins later in life. Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)
What is the most common solid renal tumor in children? Wilm's tumor
What is the most common malignant renal tumor? renal cell carcinoma (RCC)
What type of renal carcinoma originates in the medulla? transitional cell carcinoma (TCC)
Where is a renal transplant placed? in pelvis along the iliopsoas muscle
What is it called when purulent material is in obstructed collecting system? pyonephrosis
What is characterized by inflammatory changes and necrosis in glomeruli? glomerulonephritis
This is the most common medical renal disease to produce acute renal failure. acute tubular necrosis
Created by: kdhelsley