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USIDMS Pancreas

What anatomic area of the pancreas has the greatest AP diameter? head
True or false. The pancreas is a retroperitoneal organ. true
What is the name of the accessory duct that drains the upper portion of the pancreatic head? Duct of Santorini
What is the name of the duct that runs the entire length of the pancreas and usually cannot be seen unless there is a problem? Duct of Wirsung
What two venous vessels make up the PV confluence? SMV and SV
The ____________ artery supplies blood to the pancreatic head. gastroduodenal
Exocrine or endocrine; releases pancreatic enzymes into the duodenum. exocrine gland
Exocrine or endocrine; produces glucagon endocrine gland
Which enzyme is the most sensitive lab value for diagnosing pancreatitis? lipase
Which pathological process causes the pancreas to appear enlarged and less echogenic than the liver? acute pancreatitis
The endocrine function of the pancreas is to produce ________. insulin
The pancreatic tail is outlined posteriorly by what vascular structure? splenic vein
True or false. The 3 types of islet cells include alpha, beta, and delta cells. true
An encapsulated collection of pancreatic juice, blood, and debris caused from trauma is known as a pancreatic ___________. pseudocyst
What is the most common primary cancer of the pancreas; 4th most common cancer of the body? pancreatic adenocarcinoma
True or false. The pancreas atrophies with age. true
What is the maximum diameter that the Duct of Wirsung should not exceed? 2 mm
What are the 4 exocrine enzymes & their functions? amylase: breaks down carbohydrates lipase: breaks down fats/lipids trypsin: protein metabolism nucleases: breaks down nucleic acids
Which pancreatic lab value will increase within the first 24 hours of acute pancreatitis? amylase
Which anatomic area of the pancreas is directly anterior to the PV confluence? neck
Created by: ambuente