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What is the capsule that covers the liver? Glisson's capsule
What are the cells in the liver that engulf toxic substances? Kupfer cells
Ligament that holds the liver to the anterior wall of the abdomen Falciform Ligament
An anatomic variant of the liver, caudal projection Reidell's lobe
What are the four major functions of the liver metabolism, detoxify, storage, digestion
the conversion of glucose to glycogen glycogenesis
the breakdown of glycogen into glucose glycogenolysis
Which vitamin does the liver need to make Prothrombin vitamin k
How does inadequate blood coagulation point to hepatocellular disease? The liver is responsible for synthesizing blood clotting proteins
What is hepatic encephalopathy The ammonium in the blood cannot be converted into BUN and excreted by the kidneys due to hepatocellular disease. This causes tremors, confusion, and can lead to a coma
Elevated indirect bilirubin means...? excessive amounts of red blood cell destruction
What is SGOT AST
What is SGPT ALT
What is the most common area of focal fatty sparing? porta hepatis
What are the clinical symptoms of the onset of hepatitis flu like symptoms
What is hepatofugal flow The blood flows backwards
A patient has been herding sheep in Ethiopia and has a complex cyst on his liver. What could it be Echinococal cyst
benign tumor with a bulls eye appearance hepatic adenoma
What percentage of cirrhosis patients develop HCC? 80%
Where is liver cancer most likely to metastasize from? Breast, colon, lung
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