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USIDMS GB/Biliary tree

The GB is located where? On visceral surface of liver between left and right lobes
Blood supply of GB is the _____, a branch of the right hepatic artery. cystic artery
What are 3 anatomic areas of the GB? Neck, body, fundus
Small intrahepatic ducts travel ______ to hepatic arteries and portal vein branches. parallel
CBD is formed by union the of ____and ____. CHD and cystic duct
The CBD travels _______ and _____ to the lateral side of pancreatic head. inferior and posterior
Below the pancreatic head, the CBD narrows to join the ________? pancreatic duct
The CBD and pancreatic duct together, empty into what? Ampulla of Vater
Union of both pancreatic duct and common bile duct and ampulla are surrounded by muscle fibers called what? Sphincter of Oddi
What are 3 functions of the GB? Storage of bile Concentration of bile Delivery of bile to duodenum
When the GB folds over at the neck, this is called what? Hartmann's pouch
Cholelithiasis is more common in patients with 5 F's. Which are what? fat, female, fertile, fair, forty
2 types of Hyperplastic Cholecystosis? Adenomyomatosis-hypertrophy of GB wall (comet tail appearance) Cholestrolosis- cholesterol polyps on GB wall
Fluid around the wall of the GB is called? Pericholecystic fluid
Gas that is produced within the GB wall from infection -E Coli. It causes "dirty shadowing"? Emphysematous Cholecystitis
Thickened material within GB lumen caused by bacteria containing bile? Associated with acute cholecystitis. Empyema of the Gallbladder
Cystic dilation of biliary tree, classified according to anatomy involved? Choledochal cyst
Most common obstructive biliary disease in infants? Incomplete formation of ductal system. Biliary Atresia
Increased pressure in biliary system causes pus to form resulting in what pathology? Acute infection is a medical emergency. Cholangitis
What is termed air or gas in the biliary tree? Pneumobilia
Cholangiocarcinoma near porta hepatis, tumor forms where right and left hepatic duct converge to form CHD? Hilar/Klatskin tumor
Created by: pahead