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USIDMS Pancreas

The pancreas is an _____ and _____ gland. endocrine , exocrine
The pancreas is about _____ long. 15cm
On ultrasound the pancreas appears ______ than the liver. denser (hyperechoic)
Name four anatomical areas of the pancreas. Head, neck, body, and tail
On the pancreas, what is the posterior/medial projection of tissue called? Uncinate process
The neck of the pancreas is directly anterior to the _______. portal vein confluence
Which is the largest portion of the pancreas? Body
Which area has the greatest AP diameter? Head
What are the two ducts of the pancreas called? Duct of Wirsung, Duct of Santorini
Maximum diameter of the Duct of Wirsung should not be over ______? 2mm
The Duct of Santorini is an accessory duct and drains what? upper portion of the head
Name 3 arterial blood supplies of the pancreas. 1. Pancreatioduodenal artery 2. Gastroduodenal artery 3. Splenic artery
Name 2 veins of the pancreas. 1. SMV 2. splenic vein
Name 6 Anatomic variants of the pancreas. Horseshoe shaped, Sigmoid shaped, L-shaped, Inverted V-shaped, Annular, and Ectopic pancreatic tissue
The exocrine function of the pancreas involves what type of cells? Acini cells -digestive
Acini cells produce what? Pancreatic juice needed for normal intestinal digestion and absorption.
The pancreatic juice consists of inorganic salts and digestive enzymes including? Amylase, Lipase, Trypsin, nucleases, & Sodium Bicarbonate
The endocrine function of the pancreas involves what type of cells that do what? Islets of Langerhans that produce hormones for the endocrine function.
Islets of Langerhans are made up of what cells? Beta- Insulin (most abundant), Alpha- glucose, Delta- somatostatin
What does each enzyme breakdown? Amylase, Lipase, Trypsin, Nucleases Amylase-carbohydrates Lipase-lipids or fats Trypsin-protein metabolisms Nucleases-nucleaic acids
Created by: pahead