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What type of cells are responsible for the metabolic functions of the liver? Hepatocytes
Name the 3 ligaments of the liver. Falciform ligament, Ligamentum teres, & Ligamentum venosum
Name the 4 different lobes of the liver. Right, Left, Caudate, Quadrate
The IVC borders which side of the Caudate lobe? Right side or lateral border
Are the portal veins intralobar or interlobar? intralobar
What are the 2 segments of the right lobe? anterior & posterior
What are the 2 segments of the left lobe? medial & lateral
Name the 4 components of hepatic physiology. Metabolism, digestion, storage, and detoxification
With which hepatic disease are the hepatocytes the problem? Hepatocellular disease
Obstructive disease results when what is blocked? bile excretion
What may leak into the bloodstream when liver cells are damaged or destroyed? hepatic enzymes
The liver maintains a steady state of what in the bloodstream? glucose
What is converted to urea by the liver? ammonium
A transport media for some molecules in the bloodstream? albumen
The liver converts fats to what? lipoproteins
Type of blood test that is low with liver disease. BUN (blood urea nitrogen)
What is the breakdown product of hemoglobin? bilirubin
Indirect bilirubin rises with an increaes of what? RBC destruction such as medical jaundice
Direct bilirubin can be related to what? heptaocellular disease or biliary obstruction
When cells die this enzyme is released into the blood stream. AST
This enzyme is more specific for evaluating the liver function. ALT
This is produced by liver, bone, intestines, and placenta ALP
This is part of clotting mechanism PT
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