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USIDMS Fetal Anomalies

Cystic or solid mass of lung tissue that does not function or communicate w/ tracheobrochal tree Pulmonary sequestration
2 types of diaphragmatic hernias & their locations Bochdalek (posterior opening - spleen, stomach, & intestines), Morgagni (anterior opening - liver, intestines)
What are the 4 characteristics of Tetrology of Fallot? 1. Ventricular septal defect, 2. overriding aorta, 3. pulmonary artery stenosis, 4. hypertrophied rt ventricle
What is the term for a narrowing of the aorta which causes the heart to pump harder to force blood through the narrow vessel? Coarctication of aorta
What term refers to the aorta being connected to the rt ventricle, and pulmonary artery being connected to the lt ventricle? Transpostion of the great arteries
What is one large outflow tract called? Truncus arteriosis
What is the most common fetal tumor of the heart, composed of benign excess cardiac tissue? Rhabdomyoma
What is a cardiac tumor that arises from the endocardium that is found in thew rt atrium? Myxoma
What is a heart located outside of the thoracic cavity called? Ectopia cordis
What is a hypoechoic band located around the perimeter of the anterior surface of the abdomen called? Pseudoacites
What is the sonographic appearance of duodenal atresia? Double-bubble sign
What is the small bowel disorder marked by the presence of thick echogenic meconium in the distal ileum, and what is it associated with? Meconium ileus, cystic fibrosis
On which side of the umbilicus is gastroschisis usually located? Right
Is the outcome better with omphalocele or gastroshisis? Why? Gastroschisis. Omphalocele is often associated with other anomalies
What is the most severe form of situs inversus? Partial
Multiple loops of bowel seen free-floating outside of the abdomen is called what? Gastroschisis
What is the sonographic appearance of esophageal atresia? Absent stomach, upper-neck sign (blind pouch), polyhydramnios
Which anomaly requires surgery immediately after birth to connect the stomach to the jejunum? Duodenal atresia
What are the 2 types of omphalocele? Type 1: contains liver within sac, type 2: contains bowel, no liver
What is the complete absence of an umbilical cord reffered to as, and what is the mortality rate? Limb-body-wall complex, lethal
Created by: Stephtier