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USIDMS Trisomies, Multiple Gestations

What are chromosomes 1-22 are referred to as? Karyotypes
What is curvature of the 5th digit of hand reffered to as, and what is it associated with? Clinodactyly, T21/Down's
What is 3 complete sets of chromosomes referred to as? Tripliody/Mosaic karyotype (not compatible with life
Complete or partial absence of 2nd sex chromosome (female) Turner's syndrome/X0 karyotype
Trisomy 13 is also known as Patau's syndrome
What is an abnormal amount of chromosomes known as? Aneuploidy
What is Edward's syndrome? Trisomy 18
A nuchal fold greater than 6 mm is indicative of T21/Down's syndrome
XXY Klinefelter's syndrome (male, typically sterile)
XYY Not clinically significant, children may be sterile
Consistent increased nuchal translucensy at neck is known as Cystic hygroma
Progression of cystic hygroma in to other tissues is known as Hydrops
Conjoined twins results from what? Monozygotic twins that split on day 13+
What is a triangular projection of chorionic villi between 2 amniotic membranes known as? Twin peak sign
Malformed, anencephalic twin is perfused by normal twin instead of dying, occurs w/ vascular communication between twins through placenta Acardiac twin/TRAP (twin reversed arterial perfusion)
Parasitic twin, one twin found within abdomen of sibling Fetus in fetu
Absorption of non-viable fetus in twin gestation, may mimic subchorionic hemorrhage Vanishing twin
2 chorions and 2 amnions are associated with dyzygotic twins and monozygotic twins that divided on days ______ Days 0-3
What is the only definite way to tell sonographically that twins are dizygotic? Different sexes
When monozygotic twins share a vascular supply and blood is shunted away from the donor twin and to the recipient twin
Created by: Stephtier