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USIDMS 2/3 Trimester Measurements, Placenta & Cord, IUGR, AFI

What is considered the "normal" range for AFI? 2-20 cm
PROM Premature rupture of membranes
Amniotic fluid is produced by fetal lungs, skin, kidneys, cord membranes
DRIPP Conditions associated with oligohydramnios: Demise, renal abnnormalities, IUGR, PROM, post dates
What is another name for asymmetrical IUGR? "Brain sparing"
75% of IUGR cases are Asymmetrical
List the 6 possible fetal presentations Cephalic, complete breech(bottom presenting w/ both knees bent), frank breech (bottom down, both feet up by head), incomplete breech (bottom down, one foot up, one foot down), footling (feet presenting), transverse (sideways)
Outer-to-inner diameter measurement of fetal skull at level of thalamus BPD (biparietal diameter)
What is the term for a cord wrapped around the fetal neck (occurs in 25% of deliveries)? Nuchal cord
A placental thickness measurement of __ cm or more is condidered enlarged 5 cm
Which portion of the placenta is the first area to mature and see signs of aging? Fetal portion / chorionic plate (calcifications)
This normal occurance may mimic a placental accessory lobe Braxton Hicks contractions
Painful vaginal bleeding during pregnancy may be indicative of Abruptio placentae / placental abruption
Mucoid connective tissue that surrounds the vessels within the umbilical cord Wharton's Jelly
Cord insertion in to the margin of the placenta is reffered to as Battledore placenta
What is the average length of the umbilical cord? 55cm
Complete absence of umbilical cord is known as Limb-body wall complex, lethal anomaly
What is a birth weight greater than 4000g or in the 90 percentile is known as? Macrosomia
What is the midline fissure in the skull? Falx
At what level is the abdominal circumference taken? At the level of the stomach (heart=too high, kidneys=too low)
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